About the BWA

BWA Logo Hi Def smallThe Association was formed in 1993 to promote the use of millimeter microwave for video and digital services, MMVDS

Once the licences for the 40.5Ghz to 42.5GHz band were allocated the Association moved on to promote the use of WiMAX, holding with its partner Quadritech, a series of three and four day conferences in Cambridge.

Again, once WiMAX was established the Association turned it’s attention to LTE with conferences in Amsterdam.

After a period of hibernation it seems there are again issues around novel uses of wireless for the development of our future cities. And it is inter-working and standards that are in many ways missing from the discussions.

The Association is looking to enter the conversation and to link the interests of the Future Cities communities to the potential of wireless innovation.

There is no intention to duplicate the work of existing organisations but rather the use our knowledge of the landscape to air issues not being raised elsewhere and to ensure links between the operators, manufacturers, regulators and standards organisations.

The Directors, Helen Duncan and Stephen Lowe, have between them over fifty years experience of wireless innovation and a range of contacts in excess of 8,000 worldwide.

Quadritech logoQuadritech

Quadritech Ltd. was established in 2009, bringing together a team with over 30 man-years experience in organising high quality technical conferences and exhibitions for the electronics and wireless industries.

Quadritech’s founders previously worked for both CMP Europe and Meridian Conferences, and have been responsible for launching and organising over 160 events including:

European Microwave Week (1998 – 2002)
Wireless Broadband Forum (2002 – 2007)
LTE Focus Amsterdam (2009 – 2011)
WiMAX Focus (2006/2007: Amsterdam, Rome and Delhi)
Wireless Design Conference 2002
RF Circuits Workshop
Mobile Communications Workshop
IP/Bluetooth Symposium